Magic Mushrooms LIVE

Mushrooms is LIVE on Main-Net. A very simple game. No need to wait for a timer to wind down. The pot is yours for the taking. But you really will never know, unless you play the fool. Go ahead, Its all you now!

If you hav any questions... Ask the Fool before you play the fool!

This can be Yours... If you Win

- Ether ETH

Play Against the Fool

1. place your

2. after confirmed

Give to the Magic Mushroom

When you donate to the Magic Musrhoom he feeds your donation to Kujira. Kujira then takes your donation and spreads Happy Divs to all POC token owners.

How the Game Works.

Bet .01 Ether. If you win. You get half of the ethereum Jackpot. If you lose. Half of your bet goes to the jackpot. The other Half goes to the Whale.

How the Whale Works.

Whale takes ethereum losses from game. Whale buys PoC tokens. (Pays Divs to all PoC token holders) Whale sells PoC tokens. Ethereum from PoC token sale goes to Game Jackpot. Divs from Sell divided to all PoC token Holders.

How PoC Works.

buy PoC tokens and HODL. Earns 35% Divs from every Buy and 15% divs on every Sell. Earn 7% from inviting others to buy-in using your Master node.